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Buccaners Packers Game Review

I have to admit I am impressed with the Packers defense lately. I know the Packers faced two subpar quarterbacks. It’s not easy to keep any NFL quarterback from not throwing a touchdown. I hope the Packers are on the right track. We will need the defense big time in the playoffs. Rodgers calf injury […]

Packers Buccaners Game Preview

Here is a game that should be over before it’s even started. The Packers should blowout the Buccaners. However, just like last week they are facing a quarterback in McCowan who like Orton seems to have the Packers number. The good news the Buccaners put a number of defensive starters like McCoy on injured reserve. Let’s look at […]

NFL Picks Weeks 16

Atlanta Falcons (+6) @ New Orleans Saints-SAINTS Kansas City Chiefs (+3)@ Pittsburgh Steelers-CHIEFS Colts (+3) @ Dallas Cowboys-COLTS Tennessee Titans (+3.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars-JAGUARS San Diego Chargers (+1) @ San Francisco 49ers-CHARGERS Philadelphia Eagles (-7.5) @ Washington Redskins-EAGLES Cleveland Browns (+3.5) @ Carolina Panthers-PANTHERS Detroit Lions (-9) @ Chicago Bears-LIONS Baltimore Ravens (-5.5) @ Houston […]

Packers Bills Game Review

I am a big fan of the show the Twilight Zone that ran in the fifties and sixties. For some of you who don’t know what the show was about I’ll fill you in. It’s a show about strange things that happen to normal people. One episode was about a guy who takes train ride […]

Packers Bills Game Preview

Aaron Rodgers is the on his way to MVP. This will be a big test for him and the Packers. Detroit and Seattle both gave Rodgers fits. Let’s hope he will have a better outing. The offensive line needs to protect Rodgers and a running game will be critical against one of the best defenses […]

NFL Picks Week 15

Oakland Raiders (+10) @ Kansas City Chiefs-Chiefs Jacksonville Jaguars (+13.5) @ Baltimore Ravens-Ravens Dallas Cowboys (+3.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles-Eagles Arizona Cardinal(+4.5) @ St. Louis Rams-Cardianls Green Bay Packers (-5) @ Buffalo Bill-Packers Pittsburgh Steelers (-2.5) @ Atlanta Falcons- Steelers Cincinnati Bengals (+1) @ Cleveland Browns-Browns Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3) @ Carolina Panthers-Panthers Houston Texans (+6.5) […]

Packers Falcons Game Review

Julio Jones who knew? Obviously, the Packers didn’t know either. I hope the Packers learned their lesson. You have to play to the whistle stops and the game is over to relax. This a little concerning since the defense should be more consistent than wildly out of whack. Rodgers is on a mission. But, Packer […]

Falcons Packers Game Preview

I have finally come back down from my high the Packers beating the Patriots. The win was huge and watching Tom Brady swear was classic. Now, the Falcons come to town. They are still talented offense. The Falcons defense is simply awful. Now, the Packers can get back to slinging the ball all over the […]

NFL Picks Week 14

Kansas City Chiefs (+1) @ Arizona Cardinals-Cardinals Houston Texans (-5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars-Texans Seattle Seahawks (+1) @ Philadelphia Eagles-Seahawks Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) @ Chicago Bears-Cowboys Pittsburgh Steelers (+3) @ Cincinnati Bengals-Bengals Indianapolis Colts (-3.5) @ Cleveland Browns-Colts Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+9.5) @ Detroit Lions-Lions Baltimore Ravens (+3) @ Miami Dolphins-Ravens New York Jets (+6) @ […]

Packers Patriots Game Recap

  Finally, a game that lived up to the hype. The Thanksgiving games me as much satisfaction as eating a turkey loaf.  Rodgers and Brady showed why they are the best in the NFL. Both have average defenses and running games. If you think the Patriots defense is a great defense. The Packers racked up […]