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McCarthy’s Bold New Plan for the Packers


Credit: Ross Franklin AP.

Credit: Ross Franklin AP.

I can’t remember which movie this quote is from,” that is so crazy, it might just work.  I bring this up because I’m not sure that Coach McCarthy’s plan is for the preseason? It seems to me a little crazy, if not unorthodox.

McCarthy is keeping a close eye on Rodgers; from lowering the number of repetitions in training camp to taking him out after one or a couple of series in the preseason. Rodgers has stated,” that his arm feels better this year, than other years in training camps.”

What’s really going on behind the scenes? Is McCarthy nervous about his offense line? Does McCarthy think Rodgers will be hurt sooner than later?  Is that why he’s putting Harrell, Coleman, and Young under such scrutiny?

What I have seen so far from our backup quarterbacks, McCarthy has a right to be nervous. Grant Harrell is a stop gap. He looks nervous and has no swagger that all NFL quarterbacks need.  BJ Coleman is a project.  Vince Young could help the Packers but like the Broncos did with Tebow, you would have to design plays specifically for Young. I don’t think McCarthy has the time or patience for that.

What is McCarthy’s plan if Rodgers goes down? There are reports that Tebow will be cut by the Patriots. Just Kidding.  I think McCarthy should trade Raji or Finley for a legitimate backup quarterback or a decent offense lineman. If Raji and Finley play well this year, the Packers couldn’t afford both of them next year.It might sound like a great idea. But the window for the Packers to win another super bowl is closing. I believe the Packers have four more prime years in Rodgers. Maybe less if Rodgers keeps getting sacked like he has been.

If McCarthy’s plan is protect Rodgers than I believe he’s going about it all wrong. McCarthy should let Rodgers be Rodgers. What I mean by that is, Rodgers is a play maker let him make plays. If something happens to Rodgers than at least you were bold, not waiting for something bad to happen. Nothing good happens from waiting for something bad to happen.

Is McCarthy’s plan genius or just an attempt to cover the flaws he knows that are glaringly obvious, such as the make shift offense line, no true backup quarterback, and an inconsistent running game.  Sometimes it’s best to have a good plan today, than a perfect plan tomorrow. McCarthy’s plan might be that simple.


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5 Responses to “McCarthy’s Bold New Plan for the Packers”

  1. […] McCarthy’s Bold New Plan for the Packers   I can’t remember which movie this quote is from,” that is so crazy, it might just work.  I bring this up because I’m not sure that Coach McCarthy’s plan is for the preseason? It seems to me a little crazy, if not unorthodox. McCarthy is keeping a close eye on Rodgers; from lowering the […]… […]

  2. CGErickson says:

    McCarthy worried about his offensive line? Have you evaluated the offensive line? Obviously not. Expressing conjecture and hyperbole does not lend credence to your point of view. For example, get rid of two of the best players on the team to trade for an offensive lineman? Sorry I find this ridiculous.

    Trade Finley? Lets see, Driver is gone, Greg Jennings is gone. Jordy Nelson can’t complete an entire season. Cobb is plagued by drops. So lets get rid of one of the best weapons on offense. Ask Phillip Rivers in San Diego about letting legitimate threats go.

    Trade Raji? Raji’s importance to Capers scheme completely rules out any trade possibilities. Hey, I know, lets trade Rodgers! That would surely lessen the impact of having an offensive line. Especially since you only think he has only 4 more years in him.

    So lets get back to actually talking about the offensive line. The big monkey wrench was losing Bulaga. But Bakhtiari has shown great ability with only 3 plays in pass blocking that deserved a failing grade. This is with an average playing time of 3 quarters per preseason game. Not too shabby. At the other tackle, it was always an open competition between Barclay and Newhouse. Barclay will be the starter. He has better handwork and is able to hold his own. Newhouse, just isn’t athletic enough to square up and punch speed rushers. Sitton is all pro. Evan Dietrich is very good. The only “weak” spot on this line is TJ Lang. A less athletic version of Darryn Colledge. Lacks strength. Gets bull rushed constantly.

    Is there a concern? Yes, mental mistakes plagued the line in run blocking rules. Manifested in one play. A toss sweep to Lacy that ended up as a 4 yard loss. The Pack was in a bunch formation. Toss right. Out of the bunch formation all 3 blockers ignored the Seattle Outside linebacker who had a free run at the back. Also the pulling tackle and fullback ignored the linebacker too. Mental mistakes can be corrected, Physical weakness cannot be corrected. So far I haven’t witnessed physical weakness/ athletic ability.

    Bottom line, quit worrying about next years roster moves. You go to the dance with the girl that brung you. I see no reason to panic. Green Bays first O-line has not given up a sack yet this year with Rodgers playing.

  3. John Radtke says:

    You make some good comments. I do agree it is to early to panic. But, I do think McCarthy is worried about his offensive line. He switched Lang and Sitton from their natural positions. You have Bakhtiari who is still unproven. Bakhtiari did give up a sack in the Rams game against a pro bowl pass rusher in Quinn. Barclay on the right tackle position is great at the run, but still weak at pass protection. James Campmen the offensive line coach has admitted that.

    The Seahawks game the Packers offensive line had no push against the strong Seahawk defensive line. Lacy have 1.3 yards per carry. That should concern all Packer fans. McCarthy isn’t leaving anything to chance with Rodgers. I believe he is worried about Rodgers getting hurt. That’s why he is playing the backup quarterbacks so much this preseason. McCarthy needs a quarterback to keep the Packers in the playoff hunt if Rodgers goes down for a couple of games.

    As far as Finley and Raji are concerned. Finley is a playmaker but not a difference maker. He has not been that difference maker ever since he hurt his knee against the Redskins. By the way we won the super bowl that year without him. Finley can give the Packers a threat this year, but he is far from one of the Packers best players. He has already dropped two touchdown passes in the preseason. Finley is inconsistent at best. If Finley does have a great year. Thompson will never pay him the money he wants.

    Raji is a different player all together he can be dominate like in the 2010 season. Then fall off like he did past couple of years. If the Packers believed he was a great player that would have paid him in the off season. Again if Raji has a great year. Thompson will never pay him. Why not trade one or the other for a quality offensive lineman?

    • CGErickson says:

      LOL Finley dropping touchdown passes. Both those “drops” would have been miraculous if he had caught them. That last one was a pass that got Harrell cut. Finley was athletic enough to actually get his fingers on it. He almost pulled it in. IIRC all the dropped passes by Finley this year have been thrown by Harrell.

      Barclay has improved every time he has played. My concern with the offensive line is T.J. Lang. I agree that there is a concern with the flip-flop of the left and right sides. For years the Packers experimented with different line combinations and alignments. This used to upset me as it would take half a season for the line to gel into a cohesive unit. Hopefully it will take less time this season.

      As for the back ups to the O-line. Van Roten grades out better at guard than he does at center. Patrick Lewis actually grades out better at center than at guard. Taylor and Datko should make the practice squad.

      T.T. is a smart GM. This year he got A. Rod and Matthews signed to long term deals. Sometime this year or next he will address Raji and Finley. As soon as the fall out over A. Rod’ Bonus settles out.


  4. CGErickson says:

    Thank God Pre-season is over. Time to play real football!!!

    What I mean about real football is that no more evaluations. Now it is time for designing real schemes for opponents.

    In particular, no more man blocking one on one on the offensive line. Basically, all 5 linemen “reach” blocking to the side of the run play. Trying to hook the opposing D-Line. The hardest block to achieve. Ends up as a foot race to the play side between blockers and defenders. The Packers did this to evaluate the linemen on an individual basis. Easier to compare different players at the same position. This sacrifices having an impressive run game for an easier way to compare linemen.

    Now the Pack can get back to the true zone blocking scheme. Double teams at the point of attack to create running lanes. Line calls between linemen to gain better angles to gain better leverage against D-lineman. Pulling linemen to lead into holes.

    If anyone is interested I can give my picks for the Final 53.

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