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Playing Devil’s Advocate: 3 Reasons Why the Packers Should Draft Offense

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What better way to endear myself to Packers Gab readers in my first post than to suggest the Packers spend a high draft pick on an offensive position? Right? Hello?

Well, more specifically, I’m talking about the running back position.

Here’s why:

1. The running game has been treading water longer than the defense has been bad.

  • The 2010 Packers had the league’s fifth best defense (second best by points) and while the rushing offense hasn’t necessarily been terrible (Football Outsiders ranked the 2011 Packers rushing offense sixth last year), it has been a while since I’ve had an abundance of confidence in the running game. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that hopes for a passing play when the Packers are facing 3rd and 2.

2. The defense isn’t as bad as it looks.

  • I think there’s a lot of talent on the defense (especially in the area of tackling adolescents) and that the unit is only a player or two away from getting back into that top tier. Also, while it were worst in the league measured by total yards, Green Bay’s defense was a little more average when measured by points allowed. Combine a few good draft picks, a healthy Tramon Williams and the possible return of Nick Collins and we’re back on track. Maybe we’ll even see a breakout year for someone like Davon House or someone from the practice squad like M.D. Jennings or Anthony Levine.

3. Our current running squad isn’t going to cut it.

  • Ryan Grant: Don’t expect him in a Packers uniform this season.
  • James Starks: I’m as big of a Starks fan as anyone, but he hasn’t stayed healthy for an extended period of time and I also think he needs to work on his football IQ.
  • Brandon Saine and Alex Green: Same story as Starks, but with less experience.
  • John Kuhn: Touchdown vulture and great niche player? Yes, but that’s about it.

Don’t get me wrong: The Packer’s defense needs work and I’m largely ignoring more obvious needs on that side of the ball for the sake of this post, because, well, you already know about them. However, I do think the running back position is an area the Packers will need to focus on in the near future, be it through the draft (LaMichael James, anyone?) or otherwise.

What do you think? Who are the RB draft prospects that stick out to you? Am I nuts?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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22 Responses to “Playing Devil’s Advocate: 3 Reasons Why the Packers Should Draft Offense”

  1. E. J. says:

    NO !! The number one reason we blew it last year was that Cullen Jenkins was never replaced. The pass rush against the Giants was atrocious, as it was most of the year.

    This year there is an abundance of DTs / 5 techinque DEs …. I’m looking at Fletcher Cox or Jerel Worthy at pick 28. That’s after Poe and Brockers are gone.

    The same is true of 3-4 OLBs. Melvin Ingram would be ideal, but he’ll be gone. But look at who’s behind him ….. Zach Brown, Perry, Branch, Irvin, Kendricks. With a talent pool this deep, you’ve GOT to go defense !! And MORE defense. And a cornerback too. Best available OLB or CB in round 2.

    Running backs are everywhere . TT knows this. My top pick on offense would be OL … if we can get a Center like Baylor’s Blake or Michigan’s Molk in Round 3 that would be fine !

  2. Evan t says:

    Isaiah Pead in round 3 or 4 would be nice. Alex Green is a bigger bruiser, Starks likes to wiggle and try to be fancy. Pead’s quickness and pass catching skills would be the perfect compliment to us I think. He’d be our Darren Sproles.

  3. Evan t says:

    Or Chris Rainey, I like his speed too. I think he ran a 4.35 40YD, that would definitely be a change of pace in our back field. Although I’ve read reports of Brandon Saine having similar speed so maybe with a full season of OTAs he could get better. But we FOR SURE need a DE/DT and OLB/MLB with the first two picks.

  4. Really great ideas…

    EJ-OLB is definitely a need. I think if the Packers get a solid pass rusher, that will in turn help seal up some of the issues in the secondary.

    Evan-I think you hit the nail on the head with Starks–he’s better when he keeps it simple and keeps his pads down. It would be great to see Saine grow–Rodgers says he might have the best hands on the team, for whatever that’s worth.

    The Packers do seem very impressed by 40 times (see Sam Shields, Davon House), so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Packers take one of the quicker guys in the draft…I’m excited to see what TT has up his sleeve this year!

  5. CGErickson says:

    A few comments on the offense in the San Diego Game:

    Crabtree grades out as the best run blocker.
    48 Bostick needs to go Bye Bye
    60 Draheim needs to go Bye Bye
    72 Taylor needs to go Bye Bye
    WE NEED A RUNNING BACK!!! Starks is horrible.
    Tyler fumbles like his Dad.
    Bring back Grant!!!!!
    Not since Corey Hall have we had a true Fullback.
    40 Cooper needs to go Bye Bye
    77 Datko shows promise but needs development. (Reps)
    Graham Harrel has a long way to go with his accuracy, both in the pocket and especially on the move.


    Best performance?
    Masthay the punter

  6. CGErickson says:

    What the heck is Campen doing?
    Does he even know what a “Short set” is?
    Pack interior linemen are caught back pedalling over and over and are pushed back. At first I thought this was a lack of strength on the O-Line but reviewing the San Diego game, it is a taught fail.
    C’MON MAN!!!


  7. E. J. says:

    I see some concern developing out there, and a lot of it’s justified. Taylor looks like Allen Barbre. Starks just played himself out of a job. Only the GOOD players seem to get injured (not really surprising, because they’re the ones showing some effort)….. btw… if there’s ANYONE who needs to go, it’s JARRET BUSH !!! The guy couldn’t cover Queen Elizabeth. $ 1.5 million of totally wasted money… I don’t care if he makes a special teams tackle here and there. HE STINKS ! Go down to the local community college and pick up an equally qualified special teamer.

    Looks like we got a RB. Let’s hope there’s just a little bit of tread left on this tires. As far as the above comments re Pead and Rainey go…. TT will never put a small back in the lineup, since he cares more about pass blocking than running. I see Tyrell Sutton is still playing (I think we should have kept him, but apparently he’s too small for TT)… and Kregg Lumpkin (big enough to fit the bill)…. we could definitely use some “flash” behind # 12. If Green bombs, I’ll have to seriously question the immortal TT’s ability to gauge RBs.

    Question of the day…. how come EFFORT seems to be a characteristic of people we cut ? Latest case in point…. Ricky Elmore.

    • E. J. says:

      I guess I didn’t full vent. I forgot about James Jones STILL DROPPING PASSES. Another $ 3 million down the drain. I won’t hog all the space here…. just this….It’s a VERY BAD SIGN when a supposed Super Bowl contender has people on it’s roster it couldn’t give away ! James Jones and Jarret Bush are just two of ’em.

  8. CGErickson says:

    Jarret Bush is an enigma.

    He intercepts a pass in the Super Bowl but also gives up a TD by looking in backfield too long instead of watching WR.

    This is a scheme problem with Capers defense…not enough pattern recognition and too much looking into backfield at QB.Head on a swivel. Jennings at Strong Safety did a bonehead move. He flashed across Gates face instead of taking away middle route. On a play where Williams at OLB had outside trail. Angles….Angles!!!!

    Compare Perry’s performance with Ingrams performance in first game. Ingram is a more dynamic impact player. Perry needs to dip his shoulder on speed rush.

    • E.J. says:

      That Super Bowl interception was interesting. On the replay, you can see Heath Miller running free right behind Bush. Was that Bush’s man ? Who was supposed to cover Miller? The play could have been a 30 yard gain, if not more. That interception was all on Big Ben, who seemed to have a very bad horoscope going for him that day.

      The “funniest” play was the end-of-half TD to Hines Ward. He was covered by a drunken ballerina wearing # 24.

  9. CGErickson says:


    I’d rather see Shields go than Bush. Shields…in order to beat him all you have to do is make one cut at WR. Its laughable.


    • E.J. says:

      Shields, at least, has potential. What happened to him last year ? In 2010 he was handling the likes of DeSean Jackson and Johnny Knox. His tackling has always been questionable, but that speed is worth drooling over ….. you don’t find it everywhere. Let’s hope he rebounds this year.

  10. CGErickson says:

    Two players on O-line caught my eye. Genus Sampson did very well at Guard and Center. and I would like to see Dezman Moses more at Guard.

    On Defense still need depth on D-line. BJ showed some of his strength.
    DB #47 needs to go bye bye. House seems OK need to see more. Cant wait to see Woodsen at Hawk position.


    • Your dumb says:

      Dezman Moses is an OLB not guard…

      • CGErickson says:


        Then who was the # 54 that played left guard from late 3rd qtr thru the 4th?

        Unless my 52″ HD TV was wrong and I imagined the 54 on the LFT Guards Jersey.

        Or maybe the Packers Media guide is wrong.

        Please enlighten me.


        • You're even more dumb says:

          Number 54, Dezman Moses… Plays OLB. Google it. If you saw him playing on the OL then maybe you need a 54″ HDTV, idiot.

          • CGErickson says:

            Hey Dumb

            There are 2 # 54’s on the Green Bay Roster. Something I didnt expect LOL.

            I just used the first # 54 I came to.

            Greg Van Roten is the 2nd # 54.

            And please use online ettiquette before calling someone an idiot. Or accusing them of seeing things. Or better yet maybe you should watch the game instead of Google.


          • E.J. says:

            No need for derogatory remarks. There are several duplicate numbers ….. over 90 guys in camp, you’re bound to run out of numbers. There are two # 77 s as well Datko and Muir … and two 67s , and so on.

    • E.J. says:

      Sampson Genus caught my eye LAST preseason. He was playing more at center, and I liked his “punch” off the snap. I’m glad no one claimed him off of the practice squad. One of the coaches (I forgot who) called him “a block of granite” from the waist up. On the D line, supposedly C.J. Wilson is looking better. That’s a gift, if true. I had written him off. Among Wilson, Neal, Guy, Wynn, and the 2 rookies, there should be enough depth if just a COUPLE of ’em step up. After watching Worthy in the 2 Wisconsin-Michigan State games last year, against NFL caliber OL players, I’m a big Worthy fan. If he misses I’m gonna start buying lottery tickets.

      • CGErickson says:


        Starting O-Line is set. There are tough decisions left for back ups. I still like Van Roten, Genus Sampson, Barclay, Wells, and Dietrrich Smith.How many will the Pack keep?

        It was nice to actually see a good running back finally behind the Stretch zone blocking scheme. Cedric is definetely better than the rest. He has way better vision and actually cuts back…yay!!!

        Still weak at TE and Fullback. Watch the Pack comb the waiver wire for a back up QB.

        On D-Line, I like the play of Merling, Wilson, Muir, Worthy and Daniels. Back Up linebackers should be Latimore, Moses, and Walden.At DBs there is a dog fight. Good to see. Tackling is way better.

        Punt team has been phenomenal this pre-season.

  11. CGErickson says:

    At left tackle

    Im hoping Clifton stays in shape because we will need a Lft tackle. My hope was Sherrod. Most athletic big man I have seen. But with his broken leg? Newhouse is a journeyman caliber tackle, better than what else is on the team. Packers are definetely going to have to get used to getting the passes out in less than 2.5 seconds

    • E.J. says:

      Clifton was last seen on a visit to New England. Newhouse filled in ADMIRABLY last year. Don’t sell him short.

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