Packers Jets Game Review


Arizona Cardinals v Green Bay Packers

This was a strange game. It seemed like it was two games in one. The first half seemed the Packers were playing conservative. In the game when the Packers were fourth and two in the red zone. McCarthy chose to kick a field goal. In the second half McCarthy got aggressive and did an onside kick. Aaron Rodgers couldn’t stretch the field in the first half then in the second half he was flinging it all over the field. Let’s look at four things that made a difference in the Packers win.

1. Jordy Nelson: He earned his paycheck for the game. Nelson owned the Jet’s secondary. Even though the Jet’s secondary isn’t very good. Nelson played physical with the Jet’s secondary. We’ll need that physical play going forward.

2. The defense: I know the defense didn’t play the greatest. But, when they needed to make a stop they did. Capers used the blitz to make Geno Smith nervous. Also, the defense stopped the run. Which the run is the Jet’s bread and butter.

3. Special teams: I doubt I’ll ever say this again. Mason Crosby is a good kicker. His fifty-five yard field goal was the longest in Lambeau. I hope we count on Crosby when we need him.

4. Offensive line: It wasn’t the greatest. But, when needed to protect Rodgers they did. The offensive line is getting better. They still need to get Lacy some more holes to run through.

The Packers are doing enough to win. But, they cannot be just good enough if they want to win another Super Bowl. Detroit is up next and will be another tough test.

Packers Jets Preview

New Orleans Saints v Green Bay Packers

Green Bay and New York. Aaron Rodgers said on his podcast this week that the team talked about the mistakes made in the Seattle game. That had to be long talk. First the good news the Jets are not as good as the Seahawks. Now, the bad news the Jets defense is very good. The defensive line is as good as the Seahawks. The linebacking corp is good too. The problem with the Jets is the secondary. That is their weakest link. Rodgers should be able exploit them and use the whole field.
Three things to watch.

1. Packers offensive line vs. Jets defensive line: I already mentioned that in the above the paragraph. The Jets can clamp down on Lacy. McCarthy will have to create plays to get Lacy and Starks in space. If I was McCarthy I would hit the Jets with a heavy dose of Dujan Harris. Harris can use his quickness to wear the line down. The Jets defensive will be taking off balance. Then hit them with Lacy and pound them.

2. Packers defense vs. Jets running game: The Jets like to ground and pound. Geno Smith also poses a threat. The Packers defense need to get after Geno Smith early and often. If we rattle Geno Smith they’ll have to run which is not ideal but I believe the Packers defense can bounce back. Especially with Lattimore taking Jones place.

3. Rodgers vs. Jets Secondary: Rodgers didn’t even throw Sherman’s way last week at Seattle. Using half the field really doesn’t cut it. I feel that Rodgers will have a good game. I think he’ll stretch the field being at home. We can only hope McCarthy will let him.
My final thoughts are that the Packers will win this game. It will be close early on, but then Green Bay pulls away. Green Bay 27-17 Jets


NFL Picks Week Two

I was 9-7 last week.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens – Ravens

Miami Dolphins (-1) at Buffalo Bills –Bills


Detroit Lions (+3) at Carolina Panthers-Panthers


Atlanta Falcons (+5) @ Cincinnati Bengals- Bengals


New Orleans Saints (-6) @ Cleveland Browns-Saints


New England Patriots (-3) @ Minnesota Vikings- Patriots


Arizona Cardinals (+1) @ New York Giants- Cardinals


Dallas Cowboys (+3.5) @ Tennessee Titans- Titans


Jacksonville Jaguars (+6) @ Washington Redskins- Redskins


Seattle Seahawks (-5) @ San Diego Chargers- Seahawks


St. Louis Rams (+5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Buccaneers


Kansas City Chiefs (+13) @ Denver Broncos- Broncos


New York Jets (+8) @ Green Bay Packers-Packers


Houston Texans (-3) @ Oakland Raiders- Texans


Philadelphia Eagles (+3) @ Indianapolis Colts- Colts


Chicago Bears (+7) @ San Francisco 49ers-49ers


Packers Seahawks Game Review

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants

According to Aaron Rodgers the Packers were supposed to be more physical this year. Unfortunately, he forgot to tell the rest of the team. The Packers kept it close and then everything fell apart. Let’s review the good and bad. First the bad.

1. Offensive Line: After Bulaga went down with an injury they replaced him with Sherrod. Sherrod looked like a guy who hasn’t faced top competition in a long time. Sherrod has to improve quickly. Bulaga is out four to six weeks at least. With Barclay gone for the year, and Tretter gone at least eight weeks the offensive line is thin.

2. Defensive line: Who knew the Packers would miss BJ Raji this much. The defensive line was shredded like good old Wisconsin cheese. I’m hoping that Thompson will at the very least bring Pickett or Jolly back for a tryout. If not hopefully someone else that can stop the run.

3. Play calling: The offensive and defensive play calling was average. McCarthy and Capers both were calling plays that seemed one step behind Seattle. If the Packers want to have any chance of beating Seattle or San Francisco the play calling has to improve dramatically.

4. Linebacking corp: Without Clay Matthews, this group of linebackers would be one of the worst in the league. Peppers first game, so I’ll give him a pass. Jones and Hawk have to go. They have been given to much time and there has been no improvement.

I could only think of one good thing.

5. Aaron Rodgers- he is still the most talented player on this team. I believe he is getting sick of carrying the team. His prime playing years will be gone before long and one Super bowl is not good enough.

Thompson and McCarthy know winning championships are what Green Bay Packers are all about. If they don’t fix these problems soon their legacy will be tarnished for not doing enough to win another championship.

NFL Picks Week One

My picks for week one are:

Packers vs. Seahawks  Seahawks

Saints vs. Falcons Saints

Vikings vs. Rams Rams

Browns vs. Steelers Steelers

Jaguars vs. Eagles Eagles

Raiders vs. Jets Jets

Bengals vs. Ravens Ravens

Bills vs. Bears Bears

Redskins vs. Texans Texans

Titans vs. Chiefs Chiefs

Patriots vs. Dolphins Patriots

Panthers vs. Buccaneers Panthers

49ers vs. Cowboys 49ers

Giants vs. Lions Lions

Chargers vs. Cardinals Cardinals

Seattle Green Bay Preview


Green Bay and Seattle. Seattle is the best team in the NFL according to the experts. I believe they have a good team but not a great team. They’re some question marks for one: Marshawn Lynch can he continue to take a pounding? Can Russell Wilson avoid the sophomore slump? Can Richard Sherman have the season he had last year?

This Seattle team reminds me of the Packers 15-1 season after we won the Super Bowl. All the experts thought the Packers would roll into the Super Bowl. One thing everyone missed was that our defense was horrible. I don’t believe Seattle’s defense is horrible. But with the rules changes and the fact every officiating crew is going to keep an eye the secondary and especially Richard Sherman. Speaking of officiating crew I hope this game doesn’t end on a fail mary pass, I mean hail mary.

Three things to watch.

1. The Running Game: Lynch versus Lacy that will define this game. If the Packers can run the ball with power. Rodgers can use the play action pass to keep Seattle’s defense on the field. That way keeping Seattle’s offense off the field forcing Wilson to beat us with his arm. This could even the odds, making the Packers defense two dimensional. That goes to my next point.

2. Defense: Julius Peppers time to earn your money. In regards to my point about the defense becoming two dimensional. If the threat of the run is gone. Dom Capers can finally unleash his defense to its full potential. Clay maker make sacks, the secondary can play zone, possibly baiting Wilson into some bad throws causing him to turn the ball over.

3. Turnovers: For the Packers to win this game they must not turn the ball over and must get turnovers. If the Packers force the Seattle to play from behind. The Packers will win this game. Wilson is not a come from behind quarterback. If Seattle gets down by a ten points early the Packers will win.

My final thoughts are that the Packers could win this game. I think it will be close early on, but then Seattle pulls away. Seattle 27-17 Green Bay

That being said, I believe this game will be exactly like the Atlanta game during our Super Bowl year. The Packers lost during the regular season at Atlanta. We all remember what happened in the playoffs. I’m going bold prediction that the same thing will happen this year. See you in the playoffs Seattle.

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Packers At Seahawks Wednesday Injury Report

GREEN BAY PACKERS (Green Bay did not conduct a practice on Tuesday. The Tuesday practice report is an estimation.)
Status Report
OUT TE Brandon Bostick (fibula), CB Demetri Goodson (concussion), C J.C. Tretter (knee)
PROBABLE LB Brad Jones (quadricep)
Practice Report
  Monday C J.C. Tretter (knee)
  Tuesday C J.C. Tretter (knee)
  Wednesday C J.C. Tretter (knee)
  Monday TE Brandon Bostick (fibula), CB Demetri Goodson (concussion)
  Tuesday TE Brandon Bostick (fibula), CB Demetri Goodson (concussion)
  Wednesday TE Brandon Bostick (fibula), CB Demetri Goodson (concussion)
  Monday LB Brad Jones (quadricep)
  Tuesday LB Brad Jones (quadricep)
  Wednesday LB Brad Jones (quadricep)
SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (The Seahawks conducted a walkthrough on Wednesday. The Wednesday practice report is an estimation.)
Status Report
OUT TE Cooper Helfet (knee), C Lemuel Jeanpierre (neck), RB Christine Michael (hamstring), LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (hamstring), CB Tharold Simon (knee)
PROBABLE LB Bruce Irvin (hip), CB Jeremy Lane (groin), WR Kevin Norwood (ankle)
Practice Report
  Monday TE Cooper Helfet (knee), C Lemuel Jeanpierre (neck), RB Christine Michael (hamstring), LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (hamstring), CB Tharold Simon (knee)
  Tuesday TE Cooper Helfet (knee), C Lemuel Jeanpierre (neck), RB Christine Michael (hamstring), LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (hamstring), CB Tharold Simon (knee)
  Wednesday TE Cooper Helfet (knee), C Lemuel Jeanpierre (neck), RB Christine Michael (hamstring), LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (hamstring), CB Tharold Simon (knee)
  Monday LB Bruce Irvin (hip), CB Jeremy Lane (groin), WR Kevin Norwood (ankle)
  Tuesday LB Bruce Irvin (hip), CB Jeremy Lane (groin), WR Kevin Norwood (ankle)
  Wednesday LB Bruce Irvin (hip), CB Jeremy Lane (groin), WR Kevin Norwood (ankle)