Video – 2015 NFL Draft: Packers Pick Brett Hundley at No. 147

With the 147th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Packers selected Brett Hundley. Our Draft Grades Live crew fills you in.

Packers Trade Up in the 5th to Take QB Brett Hundley

2015 NFL Scouting Combine

Packers G.M. Ted Thompson did something he rarely ever does — trade up — to take UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley. The Packers gave up their fifth-round pick (166 overall) and seventh round pick (247) to move up in the fifth round to take Hundley, Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

“It’s awesome,” Hundley said. “Jonathan Franklin is a big brother of mine. I used to ask him about Aaron Rodgers a lot. And now I actually have a chance to be up and personal with it. … I’m ready to have some fun.

“I’m blessed to be in this position and get picked by Green Bay. … I’m going to make the most of it.”

The 6-foot-3, 227-pound Hundley started three seasons for the Bruins, completing 69.1% of his passes for 3,155 yards and 22 touchdowns with five interceptions last season. He’ll now join a quarterback room that includes Rodgers, Scott Tolzien and recently signed Matt Blanchard.

Hundley was a dual-threat quarterback in college with 4.63 speed and widely considered a second-round prospect. Now, 10 years after Rodgers had a wait of his own, Hundley needed to wait three days to hear his name called. There won’t be any pressure for him to play right away in college. In UCLA’s offense, he also ran for 1,747 yards and 30 touchdowns in his career.

Check Out What The Packers 2015 Draft Hats Look Like

2015 Green Bay Packers Draft Hats

When the players in attendance at this week’s NFL Draft hear their name called, they’ll come up to the stage sporting a snazzy draft hat that they’ll be given for their new team.

Here’s what the Green Bay Packers version of this year’s draft hat will look like. The hat has the Packers logo on the front and a drawing of the city of Green Bay underneath the brim.

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NFL Mock Draft Packers Needs

thumbnailI have finally come to grips with the Packers not going to Super Bowl. Let’s be honest Packer nation that was a great Super Bowl. The look on Pete Carroll’s  face was priceless. I hate Pete Carroll. But, that’s another blog for another time.

It is spring time and time for new optimism. The NFL draft means new hope for finding the next Rodgers, Matthews, Cobb and Nelson. The Packers have nine picks this year. Two additional sixth round picks. The NFL will not allow you to trade your compensatory picks. That means we have three sixth round picks. Okay, before you go “what are we going to with sixth round picks.” A little history lesson. Tauscher and Driver were late seven round picks. They worked out okay.

What are the Packers needs? That’s easy defense. The Packers need corner backs, inside linebacker, defensive tackle, and a defensive end. The problem is by the time the Packers pick all the top talent will be off the board.Unless Thompson makes a trade. Yeah, right. Here are the best of the rest for the Packers. You never know there might be a late round gem in there.

I ‘ll focus on the Packers first round pick.

3OTH PICK -Eric Kendricks, ILB, UCLA: Upside, speed, physical, able to cover running back out of the backfield, tight end down the seam.

Jalen Collins, CB, LSU:  according to NFL  Network he has the speed, power, size to match up with NFL  receivers.

Jordan Phillips, NT, OKLAHOMA: according to Bleacher report he has the agility and strength to get into the backfield and disrupt the play.

Randall Cobb Turns Down Bigger Offers To Stay With Packers

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks

Since the start of free agency way back when, most players tend to say they want to stay put, taking sometimes less money to stay comfortable with the team they are already with. With the Packers and Randall Cobb, that clearly was the case at the start of free agency. Find out what are the Packers’ odds to win NFL Super Bowl 50 at

The veteran wide out made the right move, putting aside the chance to make more money to stay catching passes from Aaron Rodgers and playing in front of the NFL’s best fans in Green Bay.

Mind you the deal wasn’t small by any means, as Cobb will make $10 mil a season, inking a four-year deal worth $40 million. He also will get no less than $17 million of that money, a healthy sum for a the former wide out from the University of Kentucky.

Last season Cobb had a huge year for the Pack, catching 91 passes for 1287 yards and 12 touchdowns. He probably could have made more cash on the open market, as teams like the Raiders were looking to try and land a big name like Cobb for QB Derek Carr to throw passes to.

Instead he stays at a place where he will snag balls from one of the best in the game in Rodgers, and also have a chance to get to the Super Bowl.

The Packers were inches away from it last season, but blew a huge lead in Seattle in the NFC Championship game before eventually falling in overtime to the Seahawks.

Packers general manager Ted Thompson did a good job making sure the deal is good not only for the wide out, but also for the Packers, as the deal will not kill their cap space for the four years that Cobb is signed for.

Cobb and Jordy Nelson are now signed through 2018. Rodgers is set to be with the team until 2019, meaning this threesome should have their way with a lot of secondaries in the NFC as they look to again get to the Super Bowl.

For Cobb, he is close to being one of the best wide outs in the NFC right now, staying in Green Bay will do nothing but help that, as he will have one of, if not, the best QB in the game throwing to him, and have a number of great offensive players around him as well.

How Much Will The Packers Miss Hawk and Jones?

AJ Hawk
Photo by Kyle Engman

Packers coach Mike McCarthy has clearly identified inside linebacker as the position in which he wants to see the most dramatic changes in personnel ahead of the next NFL season. The announcement that AJ Hawk has been released by the team follows hot on the heels of last week’s news that Brad Jones had also been shown the door. With the Packers having come so close to reaching their first Super Bowl since 2011 last season, there was always going to be some upheaval. But few would have predicted that the devastating NFC Championship defeat to Seattle would result in such major defensive changes.

Hard to Replace

Hawk and Jones were the Packers’ starting inside linebackers last season and to let them both go at the same time seems like a significant risk. At 31 and 28-years-old respectively, the two men should have been at the peak of their powers. They may have been coming towards the twilight of their NFL careers but their experience will be hard to replace. It has to assume that the decision to release them was in a large part dictated by the significant salaries that they both earned and the salary cap that can be made available. Indeed, releasing Hawk apparently frees up $3.5million and Jones frees up $3.75m. Hawk was released in 2011 only to be re-signed on a lower salary a day later. However, it looks unlikely that will happen again this time.

Clear Plan

Whilst losing Hawk and Jones will mean sacrificing a total of 15 years of NFL experience, all gained with the Packers, it will give Green Bay the opportunity to restructure their defence and to bring in some fresh ideas. Having taken such a bold decision, it is to be hoped that the Green Bay management have a clear plan of action and that there is a strategy in place for ensuring defensive stability next year and ensuring that Green Bay remain among those who attract interest with bettors at the likes of betfair.

Key Men

Key to any plan that may be in place will be successful defensive recruitment through the draft and, although the Packers only have 30th draft pick overall, they will certainly have a number of key men in mind. NFL general manager Charley Casserly recently highlighted two players who will be high up the Packers list of targets. These two players are Denzel Perryman, who has impressed at Miami, and Paul Dawson of TCU. If the Packers can secure either of these men in the draft, then they will be confident that Hawk and Jones can be replaced.

Bold Move

Green Bay will certainly miss their two veteran linebackers, and the decision to let them go is a gamble, but it might just turn out to be the kind of bold move that turns a Divisional Championship winning side into Super Bowl champions.

Packers Seahawks Game Review

I am huge Packer fan. That’s why my blog this week was late. I couldn’t come to grips with the loss. I was angry and frustrated like most of Packer nation. How do you lose a game with five minutes left? I want to give out game balls to those who performed above and beyond.

  1. Packers defense: The whole defense needs a game ball they kicked Seattle’s butt for nearly the whole game. Let’s finish next time.
  2. Brandon Bostick: What? I know that’s what you’re saying. But, that one play lose the game. Leave the young man alone. The pain he’s feeling pails in  comparison the words we attack him with.
  3. Mason Crosby: The guy was amazing. If it wasn’t for that two point conversion by Seattle. He kicked the game winner. Stay focused Crosby I guarantee we will need you in the future.
  4. Offensive line: Your right Josh Sitton you did kick their ass. To bad it was not enough.

Deflated game balls:

  1. The whole Packer nation: That’s what we all feel right now.
  2. Julius Peppers: Next time, check the clock.
  3. Shawn Slocum: Coach your guys better or find another job.

That’s all I have to say about the game. I won’t watch the Super bowl. One team is lucky to be there and the other team cheats. I rather watch two class organizations play. That’s why I am watching the replay of Super bowl 45 Packers and Steelers.

Aaron Rodgers Loses His Mind On Facebook

The guys over at Pro Football Mock released their latest edition of NFL QB’s Talking Trash on Facebook, and this one shows Aaron Rodgers losing his goddamn mind when he learns that yesterday’s game wasn’t just a bad dream. Enjoy!

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