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Packers Fined $300k For COVID Violations Related To Aaron Rodgers

It’s been rumored that the Packers were aware of Aaron Rodgers’ vaccination status (or lack thereof), and now the NFL is laying down the law, hitting the team with a mighty hefty fine.

As you know, Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 last week, which forced him to miss Sunday’s Week 9 game against the Chiefs. This in itself isn’t a huge deal, as plenty of players have tested positive for it throughout the season.

But here’s where it gets tricky. When it was announced that Rodgers had COVID, it was also revealed that the Packers QB didn’t actually have the vaccine, despite telling reporters that he was “immunized” when asked about it prior to the season during a press conference.

This in itself isn’t worthy of a fine. But Rodgers bypassed league protocols related to what a player can do and can’t do if he doesn’t have the shot, and he did so in conjunction with the team apparently, which put many others at risk. Totally stupid move on everyone’s part.

So the league issued a $300,000 fine to the team, and they also fined Rodgers and WR Allen Lazard nearly $15,000 each.

While the $15K fine is a drop in the bucket for someone like Rodgers, hopefully that $300K fine will cause other teams to take note and shape up, in case they’ve got any players in similar situations.

SNL Takes Shots at Aaron Rodgers’ COVID-19 Vaccine Interview In Opening Skit

SNL Aaron Rodgers Spoof

Pete Davidson channels his inner Aaron Rodgers on Saturday Night Live this week, and it was pretty amazing, with Davidson recreating Rodgers’ infamous Pat McAfee Show interview about his refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine, delivering a series of zingers that had us rolling on the floor laughing.

In the opening clip, Cecily Strong does her Judge Jeanine Pirro impersonation, inspired by the Fox News TV show. During the sketch, Pirro invited Rodgers, the “American brave enough to stand up and say, ‘Screw you, science, I know Joe Rogan'” to join her onstage and tell his side of things.

Davidson looked the part, donning the same T-shirt and blue beanie that Rodgers wore during his interview, complete with fake facial hair and a long wig to portray the football star.

Here are just some of the one-liners that he delivered:

“It’s my body and my COVID, and I can give it to whoever I want.”

“But suddenly the woke mob is coming after me — it’s gotten so bad that State Farm called and they’re not even offering me the Rodgers rate!”

“I never lied. I took all my teammates into a huddle — their faces three inches away from my wet mouth — and told them, ‘Trust me, I’m more or less immunized.’ Go team!”

“People can talk all they want, but at the end of the day, my record is still 7:1. Meaning that out of the eight people I’ve infected, seven are fine,” he concluded.

You can watch the full sketch above.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Tests Positive For COVID-19, Apparently Lied About Being Vaccinated

Green Bay Packers livestream screenshot

It’s been quite a week for Packers fans, with QB Aaron Rodgers testing positive for COVID-19, which means that he won’t be able to play in Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

As you can imagine, news of Rodgers positive test had fans reeling, and the point spread quickly changed without their star QB in the game. Green Bay owned -104 moneyline odds to win and was a slight 1-point underdog beforehand. Now, the Packers have +280 moneyline odds and are massive 7.5-point underdogs.

While many players in the league have tested positive for COVID and been forced to sit out, Rodgers’ story has made national news because he seemingly got caught in a lie about his vaccination status, having told reporters back in August that he was “immunized” when asked about his vaccination status. As it turns out, his idea of immunization was receiving some homeopathic treatment from his personal doctor, and then trying to convince the NFL to have that count as being vaccinated.

The players’ union, the NFL-NFLPA jointly designated infectious disease consultant and the league agreed that Rodgers’ treatment did not provide any documented protection from the coronavirus. Accordingly, Rodgers did not qualify for an exemption, and he remained subject to a variety of restrictions, including daily testing, mask-wearing and high-risk close contact protocol that would force him to isolate for five days based on interaction with a positive individual, even if he tested negative.

Rodgers clearly knew what he was doing when he answered that question, carefully choosing his words so that it wasn’t technically a lie, but this has now spectacularly backfired on him. So he decided to set the record straight, appearing on The Pat McAfee Show today, saying:

“I realize I’m in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now. So, before my final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, I think I would like to set the record straight on so many of the blatant lies that are out there about myself.”

While he claims that he’s not an “anti-vax flat earther” and is a “critical thinker”, listening to the interview above, he comes off as exactly that. He also claims that he didn’t get the vaccine because he discovered that he’s allergic to something in the mRNA vaccines offered by Pfizer and Moderna, and that he didn’t want to do the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of blood clotting concerns.

Instead, he’s taking treatment advice from comedian Joe Rogan, who also had COVID-19, and is using ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug that so far hasn’t been proven to work against the coronavirus, along with other treatments.

Clearly Rodgers has taking one too many hits to the head if he believes this crap. Either that or his fiancé Shailene Woodley has turned him to the crazy side, as she once stated in a magazine interview that she makes her own medicines, eats clay, and forages for wild foods.

God help us all.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Partners with Cash App to Get Paid in Bitcoin

Today, NFL MVP and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers announced a new partnership with Cash App enabling him to take a large portion of his NFL salary for the 2021-2022 season in Bitcoin. A self-proclaimed cryptocurrency enthusiast, Rodgers was eager to work with Cash App to facilitate this transaction.

“I’m excited about the future of cryptocurrency, and am a big believer in Bitcoin. So much so that I’ve chosen to take a large portion of my salary in Bitcoin, thanks to the help of Cash App,” said Rodgers. “Cryptocurrency is a new concept to many and can be intimidating to understand. To help make Bitcoin more accessible to my fans, I’m teaming up with Cash App to give away $1 million worth of Bitcoin to those interested in owning a piece of the most popular decentralized digital currency.”

Starting today, Rodgers is giving away $1 million worth of Bitcoin to fans across his Instagram and Twitter social channels. This giveaway allows Rodgers to empower his fan base to learn more about Bitcoin, while also reinforcing Cash App’s mission to make the world’s relationship with money more relatable, instantly available, and universally accessible. See Rodgers’ social posts HERE and HERE.

The social giveaway campaign launched at 1:00 pm PT on Monday, November 1st and will continue through Monday, November 8th. To participate, anyone can comment with their $cashtag and #PaidInBitcoin on Rodgers’ public social posts. Winners will be selected randomly, each winning up to $100 worth of Bitcoin via Cash App.

For additional giveaway details, please visit:

The 3 Most Exciting Matchups From the 2021 Packers Schedule

On Wednesday night, the NFL released the 2021 Green Bay Packers schedule, and we couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming season!

After looking through the schedule and giving it some careful consideration, these are the 3 matchups that I’m most looking forward to:

11/7 at Kansas City – This is perhaps one of the biggest matchups of the entire season, with two of the NFL’s top quarterbacks going head to head for the first time.. assuming Rodgers stays in Green Bay of course. If so, this should be a great game for sure, it’s a wonder why it’s not being played in primetime.

11/14 vs Seattle – We never get tired of watching Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson battle it out, this rivalry producing some classics over the years. Both teams are pretty evenly matched, and it should make for some good football for sure.

12/19 at Baltimore – It’s the meeting of the 2020 NFL MVP versus the 2019 NFL MVP, not to mention a dominant rushing offense against an unstoppable passing offense. Both teams have great rosters, so it’s not just Rodgers vs Jackson, there’s going to be a lot of action on the field for sure.

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Go Pack Go!

The Green Bay Packers 2021 Schedule Has Been Released

The Packers 2020 season ended with a thud, falling at home in the NFC Championship game to the eventual Super Bowl champions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs, led by Tom Brady, put the heat all day on Aaron Rodgers, and made the big plays in the contest when they needed to.

That’s not even the biggest story in 2021 for the Pack, as the team has had to deal with the distractions all offseason of the future of Rodgers, who says he wants out of cheese country to play elsewhere in 2021 and beyond.

The Pack in 2021 will have some great games to look forward to, and today we take a look at their slate.

Wednesday the slate for 2021 came out, you can You can check out the full Packers schedule below:

Green Bay Packers 2021 Schedule

Week 1: Sep. 12 at New Orleans Saints 4:25 PM FOX
Week 2: Sep. 20 Detroit Lions (Mon) 8:15 PM ESPN
Week 3: Sep. 26 at San Francisco 49ers 8:20 PM NBC
Week 4: Oct. 3 Pittsburgh Steelers 4:25 PM CBS
Week 5: Oct. 10 at Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM FOX
Week 6: Oct. 17 at Chicago Bears 1:00 PM FOX
Week 7: Oct. 24 Washington Football Team 1:00 PM FOX
Week 8: Oct. 28 at Arizona Cardinals (Thu) 8:20 PM FOX/NFLN/Amazon
Week 9: Nov. 7 at Kansas City Chiefs 4:25 PM FOX
Week 10: Nov. 14 Seattle Seahawks 4:25 PM CBS
Week 11: Nov. 21 at Minnesota Vikings 1:00 PM FOX
Week 12: Nov. 28 Los Angeles Rams 4:25 PM FOX
Week 13: BYE
Week 14: Dec. 12 Chicago Bears 8:20 PM NBC
Week 15: Dec. 19 at Baltimore Ravens 1:00 PM FOX
Week 16: Dec. 25 Cleveland Browns 4:30 PM FOX/NFLN/Amazon
Week 17: Jan. 2 Minnesota Vikings 8:20 PM NBC*
Week 18: Jan. 9 at Detroit Lions 1:00 PM FOX

As you might imagine, people are going to be chomping at the bit to get their hands on Green Bay Packers tickets after being stuck at home for the past year, especially with some of the great matchups they’ve got this season. Tickets are sure to go quick, but not to worry, as we’ve got you covered!

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Here’s hoping that the Packers go all the way this season!

Packers Reportedly Still One of Three Teams in the Mix for DE J.J. Watt

The Packers remain in the mix for free agent defensive end J.J. Watt, but according to reports the former Houston Texan is not going to come cheap.

Thursday a report surfaced that Watt has an offer on the table from a team believed to be worth between $15 million and $16 million.

John Clayton of ESPN in Seattle reports that the Packers, along with the Titans, and Buffalo Bills are the three teams that have given the most attention to Watt and they are the frontrunners for his services.

Watt’s interest in the Packers is not a surprise, considering he played for the University of Wisconsin and he’s a Pewaukee, Wis. native — along with growing up a Packers fan.

The Packers have reached the last two NFC Championship Games and could use some help on a defensive line that has recorded 82 sacks over the past two seasons (tied for eighth-most in the NFL). Adding a player of Watt’s caliber could be enough to get Green Bay to the Super Bowl in a loaded NFC.

There’s no doubt that adding Watt would be a huge boost, and not only would he add getting to the quarterback, but also his locker room presence would help out the team’s defense a great deal.

It remains to be seen what it’s at the end of the day going to take, but hearing that a team has already offered between $15 and $16 million shows how much faith teams have that Watt is a game changer still to this day.

Is Aaron Rodgers Looking for Revenge Against the Packers Should He Leave?

Following last Sunday’s NFC Title game loss at home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there’s been tons of questions about the future for quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers himself said that his future in Green Bay is uncertain, and Monday one of his old teammates had some interesting comments about what could potentially happen if Rodgers moves on to play elsewhere.

That player is former Packer offensive lineman T.J. Lang, who said that Rogers wasn’t happy when the team drafted Jordan Love last offseason, and that he felt the team was just one piece away from truly winning the whole thing.

“I think he was quietly pissed when they took Jordan Love a year ago,” Lang said on WXYT’s “The Ticket” on Monday.

“The one thing I’ll say about Aaron Rodgers, pretty much the last 10 years of his career he’s wanted that team to just go all-in for one year. ‘Just give me some pieces, let’s just go all-in, let’s trade a future first if we have to get a couple guys. Let’s just go all-in and try to win this thing.’

“And then last year, he hinted at them doing that, ‘Hey, I’m excited, let’s see who they can bring in,’ and they bring in a quarterback. I think that was the ultimate slap to the face when you feel like you’re one piece away from winning the whole thing.”

“I think he’s gonna make them pay, man, I think he’s gonna want some sort of new deal where they guarantee a couple more years for him, security wise, being in Green Bay. I don’t think he wants to go anywhere, but I think he’s going to hold their feet to the fire and say, ‘Hey, if you’re going to keep me around, A) you’re going to pay me, and B) you’re going to bring in some players that I want to play with where we can take this next leap.”

The last two seasons the Packers have won 13 games each, but both seasons were unable to get to the Super Bowl.

Could it be time for a change for Rodgers and the Packers? Only time will tell for the 37-year-old quarterback, but if so it will be interesting if he lines up looking for revenge like another former Packers quarterback did some time ago who wore #4.