Packers Seahawks Game Review

I am huge Packer fan. That’s why my blog this week was late. I couldn’t come to grips with the loss. I was angry and frustrated like most of Packer nation. How do you lose a game with five minutes left? I want to give out game balls to those who performed above and beyond.

  1. Packers defense: The whole defense needs a game ball they kicked Seattle’s butt for nearly the whole game. Let’s finish next time.
  2. Brandon Bostick: What? I know that’s what you’re saying. But, that one play lose the game. Leave the young man alone. The pain he’s feeling pails in  comparison the words we attack him with.
  3. Mason Crosby: The guy was amazing. If it wasn’t for that two point conversion by Seattle. He kicked the game winner. Stay focused Crosby I guarantee we will need you in the future.
  4. Offensive line: Your right Josh Sitton you did kick their ass. To bad it was not enough.

Deflated game balls:

  1. The whole Packer nation: That’s what we all feel right now.
  2. Julius Peppers: Next time, check the clock.
  3. Shawn Slocum: Coach your guys better or find another job.

That’s all I have to say about the game. I won’t watch the Super bowl. One team is lucky to be there and the other team cheats. I rather watch two class organizations play. That’s why I am watching the replay of Super bowl 45 Packers and Steelers.

Aaron Rodgers Loses His Mind On Facebook

The guys over at Pro Football Mock released their latest edition of NFL QB’s Talking Trash on Facebook, and this one shows Aaron Rodgers losing his goddamn mind when he learns that yesterday’s game wasn’t just a bad dream. Enjoy!

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Aaron Rodgers “We Can’t Blame Anybody But Ourselves”

Like the rest of his Packers teammates in a dejected visitors locker room, All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers lamented not doing the little things Sunday to put away an NFC Championship Game they’d mostly dominated, Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times reports.

“It’s going to be a missed opportunity that I’ll probably think about for the rest of my career,’’ Rodgers said. “We were the better team today. We played well enough to win. We can’t blame anybody but ourselves.’’

“We’ve finished out games before,” said Rodgers, who went 19 for 34 for 178 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions while hampered by a calf-muscle injury. “With four minutes (left), we had a chance to do some things and we didn’t do it.”

Video: Full Highlights of Packers vs Seahawks 2014 NFC Title Game

Full highlights of the 2014 NFC Title Game – Packers vs Seahawks.

WR Cobb Spent Three Hours in Hospital Night Before NFC Title Game


Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb spent three hours in the hospital last night, according to Jay Glazer of FOXSports. Doctors thought Cobb might have appendicitis.

Cobb, who thought he might need his appendix removed, felt terrible at the time but was active for Sunday’s NFC championship game and played in the eventual OT loss.

Cobb played in 16 regular-season games this season, hauling in 91 receptions for 1,287 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Video: Fox Recaps The Packers Crazy NFC Title Loss to Seattle

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck recap the Seahawks’ OT win over the Packers in the NFC Championship Game.

Packers Seahawks Game Preview

The Packers are 7.5 underdogs for the NFC championship. If you have listened to the so called “experts” no one is giving the Packers a chance. That’s why I believe the Packers will win this game. In order to win the game the Packers need to do these three things.

  1. Run Lacy/Starks- Lacy needs to have the game of his life. Starks needs to make the best of his chances in the game. Lacy needs to pound the Seahawks. Starks needs to catch passes out of the backfield and decoy the Seahawks when needed to.
  2. Richard Rodgers/ Davante Adams- these two rookies need to get the first downs when needed and make the blocks downfield. These two rookies need to do the dirty work to help win the game.
  3. Matthews- Last week Matthews disappeared. I’m not sure why he did? This week he needs to punish Wilson every chance he gets. No cheap shots. He needs to play tough and smart.

Protecting Rodgers of course is a key to the game, but Rodgers cannot win this game by himself. In their loses this year the Packers imploded at every level. If the Packers are able to win this game,  it will be a team win.

Packers 23-21 Seahawks

Packers Cowboys Game Review

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant said, “the better team didn’t win.” That’s interesting because it looked like the “better team” couldn’t stop Rodgers who was hoping on one leg. Rodgers still threw three touchdowns and no interceptions on one leg. Was it a catch? The answer is no. Why it wasn’t a catch because there was a rule stating it was not a catch. Oh yeah, Dez you like when the rules go your way. One more thing a NFL rule states: “a player can’t be on the field during stoppage of play, unless they’re required to be.” It’s a fifteen yard penalty for un-sportman like conduct.

Time for Game balls:

  1. Aaron Rodgers: He’s on one leg folks and still throws three touchdowns. Even Brett Favre is impressed.
  2. Dovante Adams: Well, hello where have you been? Great run and catch. You made all Packer fans proud. Keep it up!
  3. Julius Peppers: Thank you for saving the touchdown.
  4. Randall Cobb: Great Catch! Next time keep your emotions in check. Seattle will use that against you.
  5. John Kuhn: If you truly love football and the Packers. How could you not see that Kuhn does for the offense.

Deflated game balls:

  1. Brad Jones: can we trade him? Like now?
  2. Clay Matthews: Be careful Clay, going low on a quarterback is not a good idea. We don’t need foolish penalties.
  3. TJ Lang: Be aggressive and assertive are two different things. Seattle will bait you every chance they get.

Seattle were coming and remember overconfidence is not always a good thing.