Has Thompson Done Enough To Win Another Super Bowl


Ted Thompson - In Ted We Trust

The new season will be on us shortly.  Thompson has a new extension. The question I keep asking myself is, has Thompson done enough to get us back to a Super bowl?  Let’s review the offseason so far.

Thompson addressed the needs at tight end, safety, and receiver. Thompson even spent money in free agency with the addition of Julius Peppers. Last not but least he signed a talented player with a questionable background tight end Colt Lyerla. That didn’t work out, so far. Thompson is taking risks that he normally has not done in the past. Is Thompson starting to panic knowing that his draft and develop philosophy only partially works?

Seattle and San Francisco are the best in the NFC.  How did San Francisco and Seattle both get to the NFC championship games? Seattle winning the Super Bowl this year. Both of them use the combination of veterans and youth.  I can’t think of a NFL team that has won a Super bowl with nothing but rookies at key positions.  Sure we had a lot youth when we the Super bowl, but without veterans making key plays like Pickett,  and Collins who knows what would have happened.

The good news is that we had a good draft to fill for in for the loss of James Jones, Evan-Dietrich Smith, possibly Jermichael Finley. Thompson has moved on  from Pickett, Jolly, and Finley. This leaves youth again to fill the holes left by their absences. My main question is Thompson going to continue to bring in some more veterans to make this a balanced team? Thompson cannot keep his draft and develop philosophy mentality. The one and done in the playoffs year after year is getting old.  Veterans along with youth can make this a Super bowl team. Question still is did Thompson do

Packers Training Camp Nears A New Hope

Green Bay Packers Rookie Minicamp

Training camp will be opening soon for the Packers. For me as a Packer fan it’s the greatest time of the year. It’s about one word hope. We watch our beloved Packers begin again with no injuries, second guessing, or Monday morning quarterbacking. We’re born again. The slate is clean. All right enough clichés. Let’s talk football!

Let’s focus on training camp. I’m going to focus on five things that will get the Packers off to a good start. That’s all we need to start on our path to winning another championship.

The first is Aaron Rodgers. We all know without Rodgers our season is over. I’m happy for Rodgers he’s has a hot girlfriend, he seems more at ease with the media and the fans, and most importantly he’s becoming the leader that he needs to be. This is his team. Sure, McCarthy is the coach but let’s be honest he’s just another average coach without Rodgers. Without Rodgers McCarthy looked lost last year. One exception and that was the Dallas game, but it’s Dallas.
Last year Rodgers ,before the injury was in McCarthy’s words, “salty.” I want more of that from Rodgers he needs to get in McCarthy’s face. I want Rodgers and McCarthy to have conflict. Without conflict we don’t grow as individuals or as a team. I don’t mean screaming and throwing clipboards that kind of thing. I mean let’s challenge each other to get better.

The second is Clay Matthews. He is the engine that runs the defense. Matthews has to remain healthy which has been an issue in his career. Matthews with Peppers will be interesting. I am not expecting Peppers to be Reggie White. I hope he can be a factor on pass rushing plays. But, who knows if his last years with the Bears were any indication it might not work out as planned. That’s why Matthews is so important to this defense.

The third is Eddie Lacy. Lacy did make a difference in the offense, winning rookie of the year. It can’t be easy for Lacy this year. Defenses will be ready to meet him head on. Starks will have to repeat his back up performance last year. Lacy cannot take the pounding and continue to ne effective. Lacy has to know his limits this season. The Packers will need him in the playoffs when other teams are beaten up. Lacy will be the sledgehammer to pound the defenses into the ground.

The fourth is Morgan Burnett and Ha Ha Clinton Dix they have to be playing in total sync or it will be a long season. The Packers will give Micah Hyde a chance at safety. A natural position for Hyde. This secondary did show improvement. Tramon Williams had a rebirth later in the season. If Burnett cannot show improvement the Packers will have to find an answer quickly.

The fifth is Dom Capers. For some reason Capers has become predictable. He was missing Matthews and didn’t have a pass rush. Daniels did a nice job and is on the rise. But, with Capers years of experience he should had find a way to make this defense work. Kevin Greene is gone and with it a strong work ethic and motivation. Capers is aware that this defense has been average or below average the past three years. Yet, this year he went finally put players in a position to make plays. It better work for his sake.

I believe there is hope for the Packers this season to win a championship. The season relies on the players and coaches to find a way get past San Francisco and Seattle. If not it will be back to training camp and hope for another year.

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Green Bay Packers Rookie Minicamp

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Rodgers Claims Packers Are Bigger And More Physically Intimidating

Green Bay Packers Rookie Minicamp

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers believes his Packers are now a “bigger, more physically intimidating team” than before, Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com reports.

“I think we’re a bigger, more physically intimidating team,” Rodgers said. “We haven’t had the kind of physical talent as far as size here in a while. I think there’s been times — I think back to playing Jacksonville in ’08 in Jacksonville [a 20-16 Packers' loss], some of the battles we’ve had with our division teams at times — where you walk on the field and feel like you’re kind of a JV team.”

“We’ve still won a lot of games looking like that, but it’s fun when you walk around the locker room and you’ve got guys like [Julius] Peppers, [Adrian] Hubbard, Datone Jones and then with Derek [Sherrod] back with his size, adding size at receiver, tight end with Richard Rodgers. We just haven’t had guys in some of these positions with those body types, and that’s exciting.”

“It’s natural when teams win the Super Bowl, everybody takes a hard look at what makes their team a championship-caliber team,” Rodgers said. “With Seattle, you’ve got large players in positions you haven’t quite seen that size player in a while.

“Both of their corners, [Brandon] Browner and [Richard] Sherman — I know Browner didn’t play a whole lot because of his suspension and injury — are bigger corners. You’re seeing bigger wide receivers. You’re seeing larger guys up front in size and length. That’s kind of the trend to combat some of the athleticism on the defensive size. On the flip side, it’s to have big tight ends and big wide receivers and big offensive linemen to combat them, whereas a few years ago you saw kind of a mix of the zone blocking scheme, smaller quicker offensive linemen. Now you’re going back to bigger guys on the offensive line.”

Packers Come to Terms with First-Round Pick Clinton-Dix

Green Bay Packers Rookie Minicamp

The Packers reached terms with first-round pick, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, on a contract, Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

An NFL source said Thursday afternoon that the two sides had agreed to a deal with the former Alabama safety, who has been taking part in organized team activities with the rest of the club.

Financial terms weren’t available, but first-round picks all sign four-year deals and the club has the option of including a fifth-year option. In order to add the fifth year, the team must exercise the option before the player begins his fourth season.

Clnton-Dix joins third-round pick Khyri Thornton, fourth-round pick Carl Bradford, fifth-roung pick Corey Linsley, fifth-round pick Jared Abbrederis, sixth-round pick Demetri Goodson and seventh-round pick Jeff Janis as those who have signed their rookie deals.

Still unsigned are second-round pick Davante Adams and third-round pick Richard Rodgers.

Packers Mock Draft 2014

thumbnail It’s mock draft time where everyone can be Ted Thompson. I waited a little longer this year to post this blog. I wanted to see what the other mock drafts believed the Packers pick might be. To no Packer fans surprise, no “draft expert” has a clear idea on who the Packers might pick. The Packers are picking twenty first. By then all the game changers will be gone. Or will they? Aaron Rodgers at twenty four comes to mind. What are the Packers needs? Offensive line needs a legit center, the Packers still haven’t replaced Collins at safety, a receiver to replace Jennings and Jones, and an inside line backer would be nice addition.

Let’s look at the offense. First and foremost Rodgers needs to be upright and healthy. There’s no way we’re winning a super bowl with Matt Flynn. Taking a look at the offensive line, the first question is Sherrod and Bulaga going to be healthy? Is the center position really stable? Imagine if Tretter gets hurt, TJ Lang at center? Thompson could bring in a veteran center, not another Jeff Saturday he hopes. Also, another tackle would be a good idea, without knowing at this time if Bulaga, Sherrod, and Barclay can fill the role. I’m sick of hearing next man up.

Rodgers finally has a running game. Thank the football gods. Know we need a tight end to stretch the field just like Finley did. Sorry, Finley is not coming back.  Austin Seferian Jenkins from Washington is interesting but the word is he never lived up to potential. There are other draft needs on offense like receivers. Bruce Ellington from South Carolina he’s undersized but extremely athletic, could be used as kick returner that would take pressure off Cobb. This is an extremely deep position in the draft.

Let’s move onto defense. The past years on defense have been wildly inconsistent. The defensive line is getting old and it is doubtful Jolly will be back, Pickett if he is back is only good for limited plays. Raji, well we all know what he’s good for. That means we have Boyd, Worthy, Jones, and Daniels. Daniels is the only one making plays. There are players here but Donald Jeremiah from Pitt is the true game changer.He’ll be off the board. Look for the Packer to pick a guy you never heard of in round four or five.

Next up, are the line backers. I know it sounds crazy but Thompson signed a free agent Julius Peppers. I know a lot of people think he has nothing left but teams still have account for him. With Perry, Neal, Hawk, Matthews, Jones, Mulumba all back. CJ Mosley is the only choice here. He can stop the run and cover the tight end out of the backfield. He should be available at twenty one.

Last, but not least, the secondary. It needs Shields and Williams to step up. Hopefully Casey Hayward can make it back. Thompson has never replaced Collins and it does hurt. Collins was on his way to a hall of fame career. If Calvin Pryor is there at twenty one it is a no brainer. He’s a physical safety that could bring back the safety position to the Pack. I leave it up to my fellow Packer nation; who will you take with the first pick in the NFL draft?

Packers To Face Tough Cap Decisions In 2015


Rob Demovsky at ESPN.com has written a great article about the cap situation as it pertains to the Packers, and how in 2015 the team is going to have some very tough decisions to make.

The outlook for 2015 is not quite as good.

While much can – and will – change between now and the start of the 2015 league year next March, the Packers are looking at a much different salary-cap situation next year. They already have $114,262,013 committed to their 2015 salary cap. Only seven NFL teams have more than that already committed to next year’s salary cap.

The Packers have 42 players under contract for 2015. Only seven teams (not all the same seven that have more cap space committed to 2015) have more players signed for next season than the Packers. The New England Patriots have the most salary-cap space committed for 2015 ($134,509,418 for 41 players), while the Oakland Raiders have the least ($77,396,634 for 32 players).

Check out the issues the Packers are lined up to have by clicking HERE

Previewing the 2014 Green Bay Packers Schedule Release

Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers survived an Aaron Rodgers injury and made a late push to win the division and sneak into the playoffs last year, but this year they may not be so lucky. If they want to make the playoffs yet again, they’ll both need a healthy Rodgers and a better showing from their defense.

It must start at home for the Packers, who were merely average in 2013. It won’t be easy to suddenly spike to an elite level on their home field, though, as they have to worry about Atlanta, Carolina, Philadelphia, New England and the New York Jets coming to town. The Packers actually bear the Falcons in Lambeau in 2013, but will still have a pretty stiff overall slate at home in 2014.

The Green Bay Packers schedule doesn’t hold back on the road in 2014, either, as they visit New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Buffalo and Miami. The Seahawks will be a highly anticipated and brutally tough game that should headline their road schedule.

All 2014 Opponents

Home: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, New York Jets

Away: Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins

For a look at all team’s 2014 match-ups, click here.